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Multiple timers and other suggestions

Would like to have multiple timers working at the same time.

You have the option to have multiple timers going.

Would be useful to have a button that you could select on the timer to open a new timer.


3:49 PM 3/30/2010 (7 years ago)

You mean ticking at the same time? When oroginally making the mutliple timers functionallity I considered this, but discarded it very soon, I thought one is working mostly one time on one task and I thought that if one is working on a project and another client calls and you start another timer, than the first one stops ticking. This seemed like most reasnoble idea. Having two or more timers ticking at the same time looked to me more as a trouble than a feature.

Can you describe some scenarios where you believe this behavior would be useful?

10:36 PM 3/30/2010 (7 years ago)

Being an IT consultant, I may be working on one project while talking with another client. I'm also seeing if I can use Freshbooks as a timesheet application - keeping a track of my time.

11:41 PM 3/30/2010 (7 years ago)

+1 on this feature!

As a consultant, a lot of the work I do is intangible (like thinking about something while I'm doing something else).

I assumed timerSync had this functionality based on the "multiple timers" feature and only realized it didn't when I ran across this thread. This is a deal breaker for me.

Use case: I'm emailing client A and client B calls. I start the time for B and keep A running as I am still attaching docs and adding notes on the email while I am talking to B.

Or, I'm synthesizing a solution for client X, which means I've been given the problem and I need to start thinking about the solution. I want to track the total of how much time it takes for me to "think" about the solution (may be multiple days!!) and I want to continue to do other tasks as normal.

I can probably come up with a dozen other instances of needing two timers running at the same time, but I hope this gives you enough reason to give the feature serious consideration, at least as a configurable option (i.e. I tick a check box to say "yes, I want multiple timers running simultaneously and realize this is NOT a bug in this state.") 


10:51 PM 8/5/2010 (7 years ago)

Thanks Geoff, I'll have your opinion in mind for the next release.

10:07 AM 8/6/2010 (7 years ago)

Thank you!

You do provide a workaround, though automating it is preferred.

With your Notes variables I can hard code the start and end dates/times and then do the math myself in Freshbooks. Not elegant, but is holding the fort down for now.

Definitely looking forward to the next release though :)


2:09 AM 8/7/2010 (7 years ago)

Hi Geoff,

Just to let you know, newest release from today addresses this thread. You'll find in the settings window at the buttom a new checkbox.

Let me know your feedback.

4:11 PM 8/12/2010 (7 years ago)

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