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Pause on Idle / Screensaver issues

My computer is configured to lock the workstation after xx minutes. However I don't use screensavers, and was hoping for:

  • Having the timer pause if the computer has been idle for >30 minutes, or
  • Auto Pause-Resume timer with the computer locks / unlocks (better for me)


Also if this is not likely to happen, would it be possible to hire you to make the adjustments on a for-hire project?





9:17 PM 12/8/2010 (6 years ago)
Jusin M.

Thanks for this feedback. I'll have to research and see if I can include this in a next release.

Thanks also for the for-hire offer, but I am afraid I can't do it.

10:02 PM 12/8/2010 (6 years ago)

+2. This is one of the most important features for us. The 'idle' feature would be really helpful.

11:59 PM 1/18/2011 (6 years ago)

Hey, I just uploaded a new version that includes the possibility to:

- Stop the timer when Windows station locks
- Resumes the timer when Windows station unlocks

The setting is the same as for the screensaver, so if you have it set to stop when screensaver activates or to resume when screensaver disappears, it will work also for station lock/unlock.

2:09 PM 1/19/2011 (6 years ago)

Excellent I am downloading this now.

5:21 PM 1/19/2011 (6 years ago)
Jusin M.

Excellent I am downloading this now.

5:36 PM 1/19/2011 (6 years ago)
Jusin M.

works great. Thanks!

5:49 PM 1/19/2011 (6 years ago)
Jusin M.

Great, I am glad it worked. :)

6:33 PM 1/19/2011 (6 years ago)

Goran - We have been using Toggl for some time. They have a very intuitive and user-friendly timer. However, because we're currently migrating over the Freshbooks, we have been looking at your solution. Within this topic, one nice feature that they have is the ability to set the timer to pause after a certain amount of time. You can set it for instance for 10 minutes. If the user's computer is idle for 10 minutes, the timer will ask you whether you want to include that time into the clock. Is this something you plan on having in the near future? Or, at least the ability to automatically pause the timer if the computer stays idle after a certain amount of time? 



9:19 PM 1/24/2011 (6 years ago)

To be honest, I haven't thought about this until now and I see how this request fits perfectly in this topic. So, I confirm this will be something I'll try to release as soon as possible (matter of weeks).

Thanks for pointing this out.

9:36 PM 1/24/2011 (6 years ago)

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