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License Type and Usage


I just purchased 12 licenses of TimerSync and probably should have asked this questions before I purchased.  Anyway, it's too late for that so hopefully the answer to this question is what I'm expecting.

We have a number of users who have both a workstation and a notebook and will want to install TimerSync on both so that they can always record their time immediately and in real-time.  I only purchased one license of TimerSync for each of these users assuming that they could install it on multiple workstations/notebooks since they would only be using one of them at any given time.  Hopefully this is acceptable under your license terms.  Am I able to do this or do I need to purchase additoinal liceneses for the same user (one for the workstation and one for the notebook)?



2:15 AM 9/1/2011 (6 years ago)

Scott, thank you for the purchase!

I just replied to your email, as you were assuming, timerSync is licensed per user and not per station, so you should be all right. Please let me know any issues.

6:44 AM 9/1/2011 (6 years ago)

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