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hot keys

I'd really like to be able to start/stop timer with a customizable hotkey

3:47 AM 11/15/2013 (4 years ago)

The thing here is, which timer to start if there are more than one active timers? This would work while there is only one timer, but what to do if there are more than one? Any ideas, suggestions?

7:02 AM 11/15/2013 (4 years ago)

hotkey+[1-9] if there is more than one

7:04 AM 11/15/2013 (4 years ago)

Interesting. However, would you know which is which? We'll have to somewhere show the number of the timer I guess.

7:07 AM 11/15/2013 (4 years ago)

Please add a hotkey feature... it would save so much time...

3:28 PM 7/17/2015 (2 years ago)

Zach, probably you haven't noticed, timerSync is not in active developemnt anymore and is replaced by BlackTimer.

6:52 PM 7/17/2015 (2 years ago)

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