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Start timer with default value started 1 year ago by Richard
hot keys started 4 years ago by Jordan Harding
Smaller timer and multiple monitor window recovery started 3 years ago by Craig Thackray
Hide Archived Clients, Projects, Tasks started 4 years ago by Donal Turrentine
Round up to in 15-minute increments started 4 years ago by jbrady
Keep the last entered TimerSync options as a default started 4 years ago by Michael Kubler
Font sizing started 4 years ago by Trevor R
time format started 5 years ago by genady
Start new Timer via cmd started 5 years ago by PeterFurrer
Eliminate duplicate tasks - allow project editing started 6 years ago by Kevin K.
Pause on Idle / Screensaver issues started 6 years ago by Jusin M.
Separate synchronization option and synchronization progress started 7 years ago by Kevin K.
Multiple timers and other suggestions started 7 years ago by DLinMA
Option to post time to start date, not stop date started 7 years ago by Tanja
Remember start time through reboot started 7 years ago by Michael Hogan
Be able to add expenses started 7 years ago by DLinMA
Look & feel suggestion started 7 years ago by Jerome
Go to my timesheet button and 6 minute rounding started 7 years ago by Chris
Typing to find project started 7 years ago by Chris
App hangs if internet connection drops started 7 years ago by Alex Key
Hibernate started 7 years ago by Mathias
Automatic and suggested "favorites" feature? started 7 years ago by bronius
Client List - ordered alphabetically would be useful started 7 years ago by Stuart
more standard keyboard editing/navigation in text area started 7 years ago by bronius
clients with a single project could default to that project when selected started 7 years ago by bronius
View the start and stop times? started 8 years ago by Ross Smith
Allow either or domain started 8 years ago by Andrew Hargreave
Offline timer syncrinization started 8 years ago by Technical Services Inc.
Suggestions for timerSync started 9 years ago by John Hood-Fysh
Feature Requests started 9 years ago by Goran



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