Auto-save in timerSync

From version timerSync saves the running timers in its internal database (the time and any selection of a Client, Project or Task and Notes field) in 15 seconds intervals. When closing a timer or exiting from timerSync while there are running timers, you'll get a question box similar to the one below. If you decide not to log the time at this point, you can mark the 'Keep the timer' check and the time and all the other selections will be kept in the timerSync internal database and restored next time you start the program.

Important: If there is a ticking timer and you mark the 'Keep the timer' option and answer with 'No', the timer will continue to run in the background. For example, if you have a running timer at 10 minutes and exit and start the program 30 minutes later, the timer's time will show 40 minutes. If the timer was paused when answering this question, it will restart in the same state.

Other benefit from this addition is that in case of a crash you can restart the program and resume from the last saved state. The screen below is showing the question you'll see after a crash if the timer was ticking (not paused). If you answer with Yes to this question, the time will be paused at the last saved state. If you answer No then all the time while the timer was not running will be added to the recorded time.