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timerSyncSetup.exe v2.1.0.17 (around 9MB)
Release date October 29, 2013

Changes in v2.1.0.17

  • Archived clients excluded from the client's list
  • Blinking icon when the timer runs removed from the task tray (as it was annoying for most of the users)
  • New option in the Settings / Notes section that can turn on mandatory notes

Changes in v2.1.0.15

Hard Disk activity reduced significantly.

Changes in v2.1.0.14

Two new fields displayed in the ticker window:
  • Started - displays the time when the timer was first started
  • Last pause - displays the time when the timer was last paused

Changes in v2.1.0.13

Resolved UTF-8 encoding issue in the license file.

Changes in v2.1.0.12

Another issue resolved with timer positions way off the screen.

Changes in v2.1.0.11

Resolution to the bug reported here: Disappearing Time Window.

Changes in v2.1.0.10

Bug that was showing "Project not found!" after creating new project resolved.

Changes in v2.1.0.6

Several bugs resolved from the last update, as frequent crashes, project reloading, not restoring auto-saved timers.

Changes in v2.1.0.1

The timer windows are now much more responsive because of the background loading of FreshBooks clients and projects. They are also cached, so subsequent selections of a client or project read the list from the cache instead of loading the data again. Data is auto-refreshed each 30 minutes or on a request from the shortcut menu.

Changes in v2.0.0.20

Timer auto-stop and resume on Windows station lock/unlock as requested in Pause on Idle / Screensaver issues
is implemented.

Changes in v2.0.0.12

Running more than one timer at a time as requested in this forum thread: Multiple timers and other suggestions
Timer windows load faster now.

Changes in v2.0.0.10

Auto-save feature added. More info can be found here: Auto Save in timerSync

Changes in v2.0.0.7

Several small additions and improvements, but most significiant is that now Client/Project/Task dropdowns are searchable.

Changes in v2.0.0.5

These are minor changes as per this feature request more standard keyboard editing/navigation in text area. So, now the Notes area recognizes Ctrl + BACKSPACE to delete the word before the caret and Ctrl + A to select all.
But, that's not all. As you can see, timerSync is on its own domain now and has a new website and forum. I hope you'll like it and will continue to provide your valuable feedback!

Changes in v2.0.0.1

The timer window has a whole new look, hopefully prettier, I hope you'll like it. You can also switch between compact (Client,Project,Task and Notes are hidden) and expanded mode.

SSL is replaced with TLS. FreshBooks will disable SSL protocol starting January 4, 2010, so we are following their guidence with this update.

Major internal update, we swithced the timerSync development environment from Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2008. This doesn't affect the end users, however this change was long time on our list and now it is finally done.

Changes in v1.0.1.28

Added new filter on the main timer window - Clients. The filter is optional and you can hide it if not needed. Bellow is a screenshot of the main timer window
Clicking the small minus '-' sign will remove the filter...

... and you get the old window back. Clicking the small plus '+' sign will bring back the Clients filter

Changes in v1.0.1.21

The most annoying bug poping up Unexpected errors from time to time is resolved now. I actually changed the whole socket/http library from my home-grown to libcurl.
New addition: Up to five system wide hotkeys for starting/stopping the timer. Example: Pressing Ctrl+Shift+S when a customer is calling could start the timer with a task 'Phonecall'. Pressing once again the same combination would stop the timer.

Changes in v1.0.0.12

Several bug fixes from the last official release. New features include possibility to add some variables (5 for now) to the Notes field and to add menu items to the new 'Go to' item in the timerSync menu. Check them out in the Settings window.

Changes in v1.0.0.7

You can quickly start a new tiYou can quickly start a new timer window by choosing the menu item "Start New Timer". This will temporarily stop the already running timer and will continue to count the time in the new timer window. Multiple timer windows can be started, but only one will run at a time.

Changes in v1.0.0.4

No new features added for timerSync, but if want to use invoiceSync together with timerSync, this update is a must. Previous versions of timerSync were exclusively locking the local database and invoiceSync couldn’t connect to it and because of that it couldn’t start.

Changes in v1.0.0.3

This is a bug fix for the Windows Vista users that were getting ‘No such host is known’ message on signing in to their FreshBooks account.

Changes in v1.0.0.2

February 1, 2008 New option added, adjustable rounding functionality. It allows you to specify a value in minutes (1, 5, 10, 15 and 30) to round the time when submitting to FreshBooks. As example, when rounding down is on and value is 5 minutes, 34 minutes will be rounded to 30. If rounding up is on then the value will be set to 35 minutes.
In the previous version when the timer was not running you had to first click ‘Start’ and then click the timer to be able to edit the time. Now this extra click is not necessarily, clicking the time will enter edit mode always.


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