BlackTimer integrates seamlessly with FreshBooks™

Track your time with BlackTimer on your desktop
and submit it directly to your FreshBooks' timesheet!

Create FreshBooks Projects and Tasks right from within BlackTimer.


Power of FreshBooks + Simplicity of BlackTimer

Meet BlackTimer: an easy, reliable and marvellously lightweight desktop timer that is the successor of timerSync. 100% FreshBooks integrated and freelancer friendly, it will surely become your most trusted sidekick in your numerous projects.

Create FreshBooks Projects and Tasks

With BlackTimer, creating a new FreshBooks Project or Task is just a few clicks away. Forget about the browser, with BlackTimer most of the time tracking options are right here, on your desktop.

Recent Projects and Tasks List

If you reuse your existing projects and tasks time and time again, you’ll find the Recent Projects and Task list a pure gold. Point and click and the correct Project and Task are selected. Pure joy!

For existing timerSync Users

Have you been swept by what timerSync offered you as a busy freelancer? There is good news: upgrading from timerSync to BlackTimer is completely free for all existing timerSync users.

BlackTimer introduces twice the pleasure and thrice the effectiveness as it is a improved, more polished version of timerSync. That's right ­ you will receive a brand new, better software free of charge. All you need to do is to happily track your billable workhours and enjoy the BlackTimer experience.

In order to migrate to a BlackTimer user, you need to obtain a new license for BlackTimer as it differs from timerSync's license. You can receive the license by leaving your e­mail details. Our team will locate your e­mail in timerSync's license database and we will send you an e­mail with the new BlackTimer license.